🪐Planet Adventure

Wander through the galaxy of alienworlds in search of treasures !


Welcome to a new activity within alienworlds! 😊

We have tried to combine landowners and players of all horizons, of all levels, without distinction of equipment.

The idea is simple, every day of the week, at variable times, we will deposit loot on a land !

This land will belong to landowners who can register for free if they have EYE, we will visit a multitude of lands and planets during our trip !

To open this loot, and share it with all those who have participated in the opening, you will have to reach a total amount of tlm extracted from the chosen land.

The coordinates and the depth to be mined (total TLM to be extracted from the planet) will be given a few hours in advance, the time that the miners can make the trip to the treasure!

Will you allow as many people as possible to participate?

Or will you come to undermine the maximum in order to limit the number of participants?

You choose your strategy!


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